Making Sure That Your Guests’ Needs Are Met

Catering can be provided at a corporate event catering service, whether at a private function or at a public venue. They often have business-wide menu options, but at most businesses only build individual customized menus if necessary. If two tenants in the same building both have differing needs or they frequently order different kinds of events, often times they will have similar menus for both. The same holds true for the parent corporation if one tenant is the owner and the other is a director.

Corporate events are a way for corporations to reward their employees, partners, and executives for a job well done. Therefore, it’s critical that they be catered adequately and that all guests are treated courteously. Corporate event catering services are experienced at creating menus appropriate for corporate lunch or dinner. This involves choosing the right type of food, preparing the food as per specific requirements, and serving it within a time frame and at an appropriate price. For corporate lunch or dinner, catering companies often provide appetizers, a buffet, side dishes, beverages, desserts, and drinks.

Depending on the size of the event, there might not be a need for full-service dining. In this case, a corporate event catering company can offer beverages, cocktails, snacks, coffee, and tea. If the guest list includes a corporate catering company, you can ask for assistance with the preparation of these items depending on your own culinary expertise.

The type of food served at a corporate event catering service is often determined by the guests attending. For example, it would not make sense to serve chocolate fondue at a high-profile gathering of the majority of attendees are professionals who prefer meat and vegetables. Likewise, it would not make sense to serve pizza at a lunch reception attended by Silicon Valley professionals when most attendees are vegetarians. Similarly, an Amazons robotics party might benefit from some Amazons catering menus, while a travel agency might not.

The best approach for determining what types of menus to offer is to survey the desires of the guests. Corporate catering companies need to keep in mind that the scope of the event is usually broader than a one-off executive meeting. Corporate catering companies need to have a variety of menu options available to suit a range of tastes and preferences. It is important to keep in mind that the drop-off for your caterer will often influence the menu choices made at subsequent events.

The final consideration when planning a corporate catering event is to make sure that the caterers can accommodate all the guests invited. Catering companies should have a range of seating options to accommodate the range of guests expected. At the same time, they need to make sure that space is not booked up too fast. In addition, make sure that the caterers have some way of ensuring that RSVPs are accurate. Most importantly, however, caterers need to make sure that they can accommodate the needs of the guests in question, since it is impossible to predict how many people will show up at any given event.

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