Catering in Miami – Easy Choice for Any Corporate Event

My wife and I got married in Miami a few years back. It was an exotic island wedding amidst a tropical paradise that I’ll never forget. We had a small wedding in a historic center of the city and for the most part, everything went well. However, one of the guests in attendance left our reception and decided to pay us a visit a few weeks later. The first thing we noticed were all the holes in his patio dining set.

We quickly realized that he had hired a cheap Catering in Miami to take care of the food at his huge party. He was obviously not going to serve BBQ to us without fixing the mess afterward. We called up the owner and scheduled a meeting with him the following day so that he could fix the mess and make our family reunions as memorable as possible.

We learned that a good BBQ chef in Miami can command up to $300 per hour. This is a pretty high price for just BBQ. Our family’s BBQ experience was much better than the owner’s initial idea of a BBQ event. But when it came time to pay, the poor BBQ chef had no choice but to hire another Miami catering company. What a drag.

In fact, our next trip to Miami proved to be a lesson in how to choose the right BBQ catering companies. We had decided to go to an outdoor concert featuring the best BBQ band. We had originally planned to have the wedding reception in the garden, but a friend persuaded us to try out a couple of the outdoor BBQ restaurants in South Beach. The guys from Golden Corral BBQ and Prime Rib offered a great deal of discounted BBQ and the rest of the family was impressed.

Of course, we enjoyed every minute of it. And as it turned out, we were not the only people who noticed Miami bbq catering. Several other friends made the same trip and they also had a great time. So now, whenever we are planning a get-together at my home, I always include a barbecue in my guest list. Not only is it often overlooked by guests, but it is also one of the easiest entree choices.

Whether you are throwing a huge family reunion or just want to throw a little get-together, there are plenty of options for catering services in Miami. A quick search on the Internet will reveal what restaurants and chefs are currently caterers in the city. You can also contact local business owners to see if they would be willing to host your next corporate event. Miami has everything you are looking for: corporate events, family reunions, barbecues – it’s all available in the warm, inviting climate of south beach.

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