Why Hire Corporate Catering?

COSTS & PAYS. If there’s one thing that can turn off a potential client, it’s a list detailing the various costs and charges associated with corporate catering. It can make many potential customers skittish about investing in a business that promises savings like that. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your catering expenses are going to be a considerable part of your profits, so the costs shouldn’t be high. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide what’s best:

* Company Culture. Did you realize that a big difference can be made by how you treat your staff? When your company is casual and friendly, people tend to enjoy your company more, and it can make a big difference for how much they enjoy the experience of going out for lunch or dinner. A structured, formal company culture can also make a big difference.

* Individual Orders. One thing that can make corporate catering more expensive is having to adhere to a number of orders for lunch or dinner. Instead of hiring multiple caterers, have each caterer create individual plans for the different groups of employees who will be attending. That way, there’s no waste of money by having a catering service cater to a large group of employees for very little money. In addition, if you have a number of different individuals who want to go out for lunch or dinner, they can just give their orders to the caterers and arrange for their meals themselves.

* Administrative Assistant Considerations. While many of your employees likely don’t typically see the corporate catering services as a major expense, they can be a distraction when there’s a large group of employees to plan and organize. If you have a number of administrative assistants, you may want to consider dividing up the work among them so that one can handle lunch in a smaller time frame and another can handle dinner afterward. By doing this, you can better assure your employees’ attention and ensure that everyone has something to do during the day.

* Individual Orders and Corporate Caterers. Another issue that can arise from a large number of individual orders is that your company may have to scramble to find someone to cook the food for the meals and manage the service. If there are too many employees to be managed, it can become difficult to keep the focus on your company culture and vision. On the other hand, corporate catering services usually have a number of experienced waiters and waitresses on hand, which makes it easier for you to keep an eye on things. Remember, the goal is to keep the line of communication open between your executive chefs and your staff – communication is key to a successful business.

* Flexible Scheduling. When it comes to corporate catering services, flexibility is key. As a rule, most corporate catering companies operate on a same-day event basis, though some will provide special discounts or holiday packages for their customers. Depending upon your needs and the desires of your staff, you’ll likely be able to find a corporate catering company that offers flexible scheduling options. You don’t want to be stuck relying on one person to prepare food on a particular day, especially if you have corporate catering events on a regular basis.

* Professional Caterers. No matter how great your corporate catering services are, without the appropriate food preparation and menu, you won’t see much results. This can mean a wasted investment and low profitability for your company. Make sure you choose caterers who specialize in corporate catering so they know what it takes to succeed in this industry. Many catering companies offer cooking classes to help their customers learn the ins and outs of preparing fine foods – think of it as a quality control class.

So don’t overlook your office lunches and dinners – these are two of the most important ways to increase company profits year after year. Your workforce, customers and shareholders deserve better. Whether you’re looking for a fun, low-cost way to celebrate an anniversary or just need to find a way to thank your employees for their efforts on your behalf, hiring corporate catering can really make a difference. The next time you’re thinking about your company’s budget, look no further than your caterers – they can help you determine exactly how you can enhance profits without increasing expenses.

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